Attributes allow you to specify aspects of the Product that the customer can customize as they order. This can change the price and enable customers to choose a variation of this product: for example, to have this in a different colour.

Where can you do this?

From your Standard Fields in a Product item, navigate to the Attributes tab.

Click the "Add Attribute" button to add a new Attribute. This will appear as a new tab within this area. This can be deleted by clicking "-" next to the name of the Attribute.

  • Name - This is the name of the Attribute which can vary on this product e.g. "Size" or "Colour".
  • Toggling "Enabled" off will hide this Attribute from view while customers are making Orders.
  • Image - Choose an image for this Attribute
  • Add Attribute Option - Clicking this will open a table for the different Attribute Options e.g. if you named your Attribute "Colour", you may choose options of "Red" and "Green".

Press the "Add Attribute Option +" button to add a new row to the Options table. Then fill in the fields below:

  • Name - Add the name of the option e.g. "Large" or "Green"
  • Product Code (SKU) - This is the internal Product Code you use in your business for Products with this Attribute Option
  • Enabled - Unlike the previous enabled toggle, this doesn't affect the whole attribute, but only this particular option
  • Chargeable Price - This field increases the total Price of the product when this Attribute option is selected e.g. a product costs $10 but a "metallic silver" version costs $2 extra, you would add the value 2 here. A price of 0 would mean that the Attribute does not add to the total Price when selected
  • Display-only Price - Select a price that you'd like to display only
  • Inventory Available - If the Product's Inventory Type is 'Attribute' then you can set how many of this Attribute Option are available here
  • Image - Select an image for this Attribute Option
  • Delete - Deletes this Attribute Option

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