When migrating, you'll need to create a fresh Siteglide Site to then begin importing/migrating your existing Site into. You have a few options to consider when creating a Site, and depending on which method of migration you are going to do.

Is this a Client Site or your own Site?

Creating a Site for a Client means it is a Site specifically for only this Client and your Agency to access. You create these Sites within their respective Client within Admin, this ensures that these Sites are kept separate and easier to manage within Clients.

Creating a Site for your Agency means it is a Site for only your Agency to access, unless invited to do so by you. It is recommended for your first Site that you create this within your Agency, so that you can use this as a test Site.

Like-For-Like Method

If you are doing a like-for-like migration you might not need Studio included in your site, as you will use the existing assets and content on your site.

For this type of migration, Studio and DemoSite is up to personal preference.

Studio Method

If you are going to improve your site layouts to modernize them and make them more responsive, you'll want to include Studio when you create your site.

Make sure "Studio" is ticked in the site creation modal. This will automatically include bootstrap 4 in your templates.

Make sure "DemoSite" is not selected in the Site Creation modal.

Bespoke Method

If you are going to do a fully bespoke rebuild of your site, there are a couple of routes you can take:

You may want to include Studio in your site so you can easily make use of Bootstrap 4 and have access to the Studio Layouts.

You can also choose to start with a blank site, not include the Studio and build the site just using your own libraries.

For this type of migration, Studio is up to personal preference; but is recommended DemoSite is not selected in the Site Creation modal.

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