Zip up your WebApps folder

First off, use BCExporter, to export your BC Site which will contain the WebApp structure and items from the Site.

If your WebApps uses Categories, then ensure that the relevant category json files are also within this folder. Once this has been done, zip up this folder. Category json files can be found in the root of the folder that you receive from BC.

WebApps without Categories

Your BC Export contains a folder called “webapps”, zip this folder up and import the zipped version.

WebApps with Categories

Your BC Export contains a file called “categories.json” move this into the “webapps” folder, zip this folder up and import the zipped version.

Where can you find WebApp Import tool?

While viewing your Site Admin, use the left-hand menu to click "Site Manager" and expand the sub-menu. Next click on "Migration Tools" to view information about this tool, and an area for you to upload your Zipped folder.

How do you import?

Here, you can see "Usage Notes", which we recommend you read fully before importing as this contains important information.

Click "Upload Zip" when you have a zipped folder prepared, and choose this to begin importing your WebApp folder to Siteglide.

A success message will show in the top right hand corner when this process has been completed for you. Typically this takes a few minutes, though larger imports may take longer. You can also head to Site Manager > Import Logs, to find a log of this WebApp import.

CSV Import/Export

It is possible that your image file paths won’t quite match up with the assets, as we’ve moved them all to be within “images/“ in File Manager when we imported the assets. If you need to edit them, you can do so in bulk by exporting all items of a WebApp, editing the file and re-importing your updated .csv file. File paths on our platform are also case sensitive. When editing your csv export, please do not reorder or rename any of the columns. Only update the item IDs if you intend to create a duplicate item.

For information on how to Import and Export WebApp items, click here.

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