All sites on Siteglide are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. An SSL certificate is generated and maintained, free of charge.

SSL With Fully Delegated

When you add a Fully Delegated domain to your site, our system has access to the Hosted Zone to automatically generate, apply and configure an SSL certificate. This means that when you add the four NS records to your registrar your site will automatically process and go live with SSL applied.

SSL With Externally Hosted

When you add an Externally Hosted domain to your site, our system does not have access to the Hosted Zone of your domain to make changes. Therefore, you will be provided with a CNAME DNS record to add to your registrar, verify ownership and apply the SSL certificate to the site.

Making Sure SSL Doesn’t Break On Pages

To ensure the SSL certificate is put to good use, check your pages for any assets or links that are manually defined as non-secure.

Non-secure example: “http://“.

Secure Example: “https://“.

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