Clients like to have the reassurance of being able to remove and re-locate their data and Website anytime they choose.

With Siteglide, their Website and data is not locked in and you, as their Agency, have various different ways of exporting data and backing up should your client wish to move or simply see their data.

You have the choice to export and download data, code files, as well as a full Site export.

How do you export your Website / data?

You can download a CSV export of your data from almost any area of your Site. The process for doing this is almost identical across all features.

To do this, you can follow the doc below:

As an Agency Partner, you can create a Zip containing everything from their Pages / Templates and everything making their Site look and function as it does currently.You can do this using CLI, you can find out more information about this here.

For more information on BackUps and Recovery, click here.

Importing to another platform

If your Client would like to re-locate to a different platform for any reason, as their Agency you can provide them with a full export of all front-end code files and data exports at any time.

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