Importing a Site can be a big task, so we have created a variety of tools to enable this task to be quicker and easier than ever before.

There are two ways that you can go about this:

  • Migrate the Site like-for-like - this keeps costs and time spent low

  • Use this as an opportunity to rebuild and update your site to be current and using more recent standards.

Static Site Import

Our newest and most exciting import tool is our Static Site Import.

This tool uses the CLI to copy every page from your site and migrate this over to Siteglide. No more migrating page by page, saving you time to spend on more important tasks.

Either do this yourself via our CLI or work with SiteGurus to do this - to copy static Pages; hook this up to our CMS enabling you to easily edit from your Site Admin; covert dynamic content into Pages; set up form to email; and, copy and optimise assets.


Siteglide Site Importer Demo

WebApp / Module Item Import

Our WebApp / Module Item import tool enables you to upload a CSV of your WebApp / Module Items which will be imported into Siteglide with a success message appearing when this has been completed for you.

For more information on WebApp items Import, click here

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