eCommerce - 0.12.0

Admin UI performance upgrades

We've applied some changes to WebApp list views and the CRM User list view. These updates improve the performance of loading large datasets (more than 2500 items). These updates include the following:

  • Only loading data for the page you're currently viewing. You'll notice a slight loading delay between pages. This means we're not loading huge amounts of data when typically you're only interested in quickly finding and jumping into 1 specific item.
  • The search box at the top of the table will now only trigger a change in results on press of the Enter key, or when the 'Search' button is pressed.
  • A new 'Go to' box is in the bottom right of the table, so you can quickly jump to a specific page.

These changes won't affect datasets with less that 2500 items. All data will be loaded right away and filtering/sorting will work as normal.


  • Sitemap auto-generation - We've got a new include that will output all the Pages on your site. This can be used on a Sitemap page, and it will automatically update the content when Pages are created and deleted - Roadmap
  • Pages - You can now change the list view to show all Pages, enabled Pages only, or disabled Pages only - Roadmap
  • Migration Tools - We've moved the BC Import tool out of the 'WebApp create' view, and into its own view found at Site Manager>Migration Tools. Here you can upload a BC Export zip file, and migrate your Categories and WebApps from BC to Siteglide.

Bug fixes

  • Pages - Copying Homepage - Fixed an issue where clicking 'Copy Page' on your homepage would replace the existing homepage with the new copy - Roadmap

What we're working on for next release

  • Caching for WebApp and Module output. We've seen huge improvements in page load speed with the updates we're bringing. This will initially be released as an optional flag on WebApp/Module list output - cache: 'true' and is considered experimental. This means that if you experience any issues you can easily turn it back off and report back to us. If all goes well we may well implement this as standard, as we've seen some page load speeds improve ten fold.
  • WebApp edit forms