Custom Field Sets are a great time-saving feature, as they allow you to create a reusable group of fields that can be added to any:

  • Form (for saving against Case and User in the CRM)
  • eCommerce Product

In order to use Custom Field Sets, first you define the fields you would like to include in the set and second, you attach the Custom Field Set to a Siteglide Feature.

Custom Field Sets will automatically include a hidden field Parent ID, which links them to the feature.

Creating and Editing Custom Field Sets

Custom Field Sets can be managed in the Admin under SITE MANAGER / Custom Field Sets in the left-hand side menu.

Press the blue "Add new Custom Field Set" button to add a new Custom Field Set.

To edit a Custom Field Set, find it in the list, and select the pencil icon on the right to edit it.

In either view, click the "Add new Field" button to add a new field.

Fields are built the same way as adding WebApp fields. The following options are available to you:

  • Name - name your field
  • Type - controls the type of data that can be added
  • Options - is only necessary for certain field types- it will appear if you need to fill it out. You should add options separated by commas e.g. "Red, Orange, Yellow".
  • Required - controls whether the field is mandatory- if checked, the User will not be able to submit the form without completing this field

Deleting Custom Field Sets and Removing Fields

You can click the red "Delete" button to delete a Custom Field Set.

Click the "Remove" button to remove a field.

Use Cases

There are two main use cases for Custom Field Sets.

  1. Forms: Site Users will fill in the fields
  2. In all other Use Cases, the fields will be filled in by Siteglide Admin Users

Forms and the CRM

Once you have set up a form and created a Custom Field Set, it can be added to the Form in the Custom Field Sets tab on the Edit Form page.

When the User fills out the Form on the Site, Custom Field Set Fields will appear next to the standard Form Fields.

On First Form Submission

  1. The User is created and added to the CRM
  2. A Case is created
  3. The Custom Field Set fields’ data is stored against:- The Case as a snapshot- The User as an up-to-date record

On Second Form Submission

  1. We identify that the User is already in the CRM
  2. A new Case is created
  3. The Custom Field Set fields’ data is stored against:The Case as a snapshotThe User as an up-to-date record

We use the User’s unique ID to associate Cases and Custom Field Set data with the User. This way, both are available to view in the CRM against the User.

eCommerce Products

When adding and editing Products, Custom Field Sets can be added and data filled in under the Custom Field Sets tab.