Our Agency Success team here at Siteglide are dedicated to providing exceptional support and assistance to Digital Agencies and Siteglide Experts which ensures they are able to deliver the best solutions for their customers.

Here we'll outline the ways in which we can help you and a few things that fall outside of our scope that we cannot assist with but we'll point you in the right direction whether it's via our Community or external resources.

How do I access Siteglide Support?

  • Live Chat - Click the blue bubble in the bottom right hand corner of our services to speak with the team. Please leave as much information as possible by answering any questions that appear.
  • Documentation - Access our growing library of Docs, FAQ's, examples, videos and more in our Documentation Help Centre and Developer Help Centre
  • Community - Have a question that needs a creative solution or a project scope you'd would like some suggestions on from other experienced partners? Access the new partner community forum from your Portal Welcome Page and clicking on the "Community forum" tile.

Please note our working hours are 8am - 6pm GMT (London). We expect to answer queries outside these hours but our Account Plan SLAs are based on these hours.

What kind of Support do we offer?

We assist agencies and developers with the following types of issues/queries:

  1. Platform Issues/Bugs: If you experience an issue with the core platform please report it to us and we'll help resolve it asap.
  2. High Level Platform Capabilities: We're always here to help answer questions about the platform and confirm whether it has specific features/capabilities.
  3. Account and Sales Questions: If you have a billing, account or sales related question we're always here to assist.
  4. Troubleshooting (Agency & Agency Pro): If you're struggling with a feature in Siteglide we'll point you in the right direction.
  5. Technical Queries (Agency Pro only): Assistance implementing Siteglide features.

What can we not assist with?

  1. 3rd Party Code and Custom Development: We only support the core platform code and functionality supplied out of the box as described in our documentation. We cannot support you on any 3rd party code or custom development even if we've recommended looking at 3rd party options. You are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of any custom code, design, bespoke functionality and any 3rd-party integrations. Note: Any custom code samples are provided as a guide only. We cannot provide support on use or implementation of any code that is not in our documentation. We want to focus on providing the best support of our code and platform that we possibly can. See Community Support and Resources below.
  2. Specific project issues/assistance: We cannot help you build projects or scope out exactly how you will build each project. We will help answer high level capability questions but cannot map out how to implement Siteglide for specific project requirements. If you need help with using Siteglide for a project please review our Community Support and Resources options below.
  3. Client/business specific questions: Siteglide is built primarily to help Digital Agencies and Expert Partners and to ensure we deliver on this mission we only provide basic account related support to end clients or Business plan users. See below for our Community Support and Resources options.

Community Support and Resources

We have a fantastic community of Siteglide Experts that can assist in various ways where we simply cannot (we want to stay focused on supporting you with the platform itself):

  1. Community Forum: The forum is the best place to start. Search to see if your question/issue already exists and post a new one if not! You can access the Forum via the Single Sign On link from the Welcome page in the Portal: https://admin.siteglide.com/#/portal
  2. Siteglide Experts: We have various experts all over the globe ready to assist whether it's help scoping projects, solving issues, building projects, building specific functionality or even providing pre-built Modules or code. Browse our List of Experts here: https://www.siteglide.com/partners
  3. External Resources: There are thousands of websites and resources to help with anything from project planning through to custom development and integrations. We've curated the ones that tend to be most useful to our partners here: External Resources