User Roles - Phase 1 - You can now apply some access restrictions to your Client level users - Docs

Pages - Visual Page Builder - This editor is now available in Siteglide Admin. You no longer need to work on studio.siteglide.com and copy your code across. The tab will appear on the Page Edit view if you have the Siteglide Studio Module installed. More layouts and bigger Studio updates coming soon!

Forms - Delete - You can now delete Forms via the Form Builder view. If you choose to keep Cases, they will be available in the CRM view.

Toolbox - Category filtering - You can now choose which Categories to output when inserting a WebApp, Module, or eCommerce Product list

Forms - Resend autoresponder/workflow - You can now resend Autoresponder and Workflow emails by clicking the corresponding buttons on a Form Case view. To see this new feature you must first click 'save' on the Form Builder (We'll be working on auto-updates in the future!)

Field Type - Custom Array - This has now been added as an option on Modules + CRM + Products + Imports (WebApp/Module only)

Sites List - Improved consistency across all Site List views. You can now apply the same filters on all Site List views, and also create Sites from each view

Alpha only

Pages - File History - You can now see all changes that have been made to a Page, and roll back to an earlier version. This same tab will be released to other areas of the system soon (Content Sections, Templates, etc.). We'll also look into similar solutions for files in CodeEditor.

Site Copy - You can now copy a Site via the 'Copies' tab on the Site Details view. Here you will find the option to copy to a new Site, or to an existing Site. You'll also find logs of the copy's status in a table view