• Edit/Delete - Agency Users can now edit and delete existing DNS records. Client Users are able to view but not edit or delete.

eCommerce (v0.9.7)

  • Shipping Options - You can now create Shipping Options to be chosen in your Cart layouts. Documentation available here
  • Quotes - You can now create orders as 'Quote only' and not take payment from users. Documentation available here
  • CSV Product import/export - You can now manage Products using the CSV import/export feature. This includes controlling Prices, Inventory, and Custom Field Sets.
  • Orders redesign - We've applied some design changes to the Order details view in Siteglide to make it more easily readable, and also add a link to the user in the CRM


  • CSV User import/export - You can now manage your CRM using the CSV import/export feature. This includes Secure Zones and Custom Field Sets.

WebApps/Modules (System Files v2.4.2.2)


  • Deleted Sites - Don't show deleted sites by default. Instead use the toggle to 'Show deleted'
  • Forms/eCommerce Orders - Added the ability to filter results in the list view by date
  • Open Graph SEO - Added support for og:image and og:url
  • Pages duplication - You can now click the 'Copy' button at the bottom of the Page edit view to create a duplicate
  • WYSIWYG editor - Links - We've added the ability to 'Open in new tab' and set the title value


  • Billing - You can now use both "Connect" and "Direct" billing methods within the same agency account
  • Code Editor - Fixed an issue with the size of the code editing window
  • WebApp Datasource output - Fixed an issue with the 'Datasource (Multi)' field type, where the variable item_ids was being overwritten. Now this field uses datasource_item_ids when inserting the tag from CodeEditor.