View the history of changes made to a Page, and find out how to rollback to earlier versions of a Page.

Where can you find 'History'?

When viewing your list of Pages, click on the name of an existing page to view it's Details page, and navigate to the 'History' tab.

Here, you can manage and view all changes ever made to this Page.

  • Date - Date and time this change was made
  • Author - The admin user who made this change
  • Method - How this change was made - for example - "Admin" - changes made in Admin, and "Admin (Rollback)" - when a rollback has been done.

How can you rollback a Page?

While viewing the changes made, you can choose to view and rollback a specific change. Click the eye icon to the right-hand side to view a change.

This will open up a modal showing the code content for this page, the date this change was made, the author who made this change, the method, and a "Rollback" button.

To Rollback, simply read the warning provided and click the red button at the bottom.

Note: If you click this button your content will be automatically rolled back to this earlier version. This will affect all aspects of the content including (but not limited to) the Template, Secure Zones, Name, and any SEO Metadata.

Clicking this will rollback this Page to this previous version, and show in the list that this rollback has occurred.

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