Manage and edit custom fields within your CRM User Structure, and Users.

Edit User Structure

Above your list of Users in your CRM, you have the option to "Edit User Structure".

Here, you can manage and edit information about your CRM, such as:

Standard Fields - These are the same fields that can be seen in the Standard Fields tab when editing

Custom Fields - Here you can add, edit and remove custom fields to use for your CRM

You can use a variety of field types when creating custom fields, such as:

  • Text (String)

  • Text (Multiline)

  • Checkbox

  • Radio Button

  • Dropdown (single item)

  • Dropdown (multi item)

  • Image

  • File

  • Date

  • Datasource (single item)

  • Datasource (multi item)

Editing Custom Fields On Users

Whilst editing a User, head to the "Custom Fields" tab.

Here, you can edit the custom fields added to the CRM, for each item.

For example, here, there is a custom field added called "new field" with the type of File. An image, video, or file can be added here to this item.

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