Blocks are premade components which help you rapidly design pages. Blocks also have the same advantages as Item layouts and components.

3 Blocks

You can edit the master component for global changes to all instances or edit the instances for finite control of your design.

The Blocks are divided into four different sections, but can be used however you like:

  • Template

Template Blocks are used for creating Headers and Footers in Siteglide to build out Page Templates.

  • Static

Static Blocks are used for creating the body of Pages and include Blocks such as: Hero, Content, Feature, Team, Pricing, Contact and Signup.

  • Module

Module Blocks are used for creating Module layouts in Admin so contain some specific Blocks related to these, such as: Blog, FAQ, Testimonial, and Events.

  • eCommerce

eCommerce Blocks are used for creating layouts specifically for eCommerce Pages.

You are also able to create your blocks by merely combining the existing components when you have created a new component block you can use the following naming convention:

  • [Section numbers] [name]/sg-[name]-[block number]

E.g 3.3.1Blog/sg-blog-02

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