You can create reports for your Site filtering the data by submission date.

Once a report has been created, you can bulk delete these items or download this report as CSV.

Where can you find Cases?

Whilst viewing Reporting - Users, navigate over to the "Cases" tab.

How can you create a Cases Report?

1. Select Form

Choose a Form using the dropdown to display Cases for this specific Form.

2. Choose columns to show

These will be shown in your report. Use the dropdown to pick and choose which columns you'd like to show - All Forms will have a choice of the main columns of ID, External ID, Name, Email, Submission Date; but will also have any custom fields that you have added to your Form.

2. Filter your data

You can choose to filter your data by Submission Date (start and end date).

3. Get Report

Click "Get Report" to create your Cases Report.

3. Download Report

Click "Download Report as CSV" to the right of "Get Report" to download a copy of this report.

4. Optional - Use Bulk Actions

Tick the box next to the Case(s) that you'd like to delete, and choose to 'Delete Selected Items' to the right-hand side of "Download Report as CSV".

Warning: This cannot be undone.

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