You can create reports for your Site filtering the data by date, secure zones and more. Once a report has been created, you can use the bulk actions available or download this report as CSV.

You can this by heading to Reporting which will redirect you to the 'Users' tab where you can begin creating a Users Report.

How can you create a Users Report?

1. Choose columns to show

These will be shown in your report. Use the dropdown to pick and choose which columns you'd like to show - ID, External ID, Name, Email, Create Date, Last Edit Date, Secure Zones.

2. Filter your data & Get Users

You can choose to filter your data by Name, Email, Create Date (start and end of custom dates), Last Edit Date (start and end of custom dates), Secure Zones.

Click the arrow to open this section and select how you'd like to filter your Users, and click "Get Users".

3. Download Report

Click "Download Report as CSV" to the right of "Get Users" to download a copy of this report.

4. Optional - Use Bulk Actions

Tick the box next to the User(s) that you'd like to action on, and choose an action from the dropdown "Actions" to the right hand side of "Download Report as CSV".

Choose either to "Delete Selected Users" or "Add To Secure Zone".

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