The Standard Fields tab is where you can create and edit key information of a Testimonials item.

When adding a new Testimonials item or editing an existing Testimonials item, you are taken to the 'Standard Fields' tab.

Here you can see and edit information within your Testimonials item, such as:

ID / External ID - Unique identifiers for this item - you cannot edit these.
Item Name - The name of the item
Weighting - If you don't want the order to be alphabetical, you can add numbers here to choose your own hierarchy
Release Date - When you would you like to release this item
Expiry Date - When you would like this item to expire/be removed
Enable Toggle - Enable or disable this item
Image - An image for this item

Job Title - A text field for the job title

Quote - A text field for the quote

Company Name - A text field for the company name

Company Logo - An image for this company

Copy Item

Use the "Copy Item" button at the bottom of this area to duplicate this item.

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