Secure Zones are a flexible feature which can be implemented differently on different Sites. This section will examine some common Use Cases and how Secure Zones can be implemented to solve them.

Which method you choose depends on your Client and the sensitivity of the content.

If you have a very bespoke Use Case, one of our Experts will surely be happy to help you find a solution.

Use Case - Controlling Access through a Paywall

Some Secure Zones are for paying customers only. As it's possible to attach Secure Zones to a payment Form, only allowing paid customers access, you might choose to display multiple Forms with different Prices and let the User choose which they can afford.

Each Form would have a different Secure Zone Attached.

See Attaching a Secure Zone to a Form

See Selling Membership to a Secure Zone for a more detailed tutorial

Use Case - Dynamically using JavaScript to Assign the most relevant Secure Zone

Some Secure Zones are for helping Users access relevant content. If the wrong User accesses the wrong Secure Zone, it is inconvenient, but not a disaster.

In this Use Case, you may wish to provide a single Form, attaching a list of approved Secure Zones to the Form and using JavaScript to assign the most relevant one.

A note on Security - with this method it is not possible to dynamically use JavaScript to assign a Secure Zone which is not attached to the Form in Admin. This allows you to keep sensitive Secure Zones from being added via Front End code which is vulnerable to malicious Users.

See In a Form Layout, Dynamically Select a Secure Zone from an Approved List in Admin

Use Case - Using a temporary Secure Zone Sign Up to allow Users to request Access to a second Secure Zone

Some Secure Zones contain extremely sensitive data and it's important to make sure only the right Users have access.

For example, where only employees of an organisation are allowed access.

Where filling in a Form is not enough to verify somebody is who they say they are, you may wish to implement a process where a User signs up to a Secure Zone named "name_of_secure_zone_pending".

e.g. Let's say a Client wishes to have a section on their website for employees only.

They create a Secure Zone for "Employee", but the next question is how to give access?

Adding a Sign Up Form with a checkbox for "Are you an employee"? Would not be enough to verify this User is really an employee.

One solution is to create a Secure Zone called "Employee pending".

Step 1) Users Sign Up to the "Employee pending" Secure Zone using a standard Sign Up Form

Step 2) Upon receiving the workflow email, the Client checks against their own records that the User is a real employee.

Step 3) Upon verification the Client heads to CRM Users on Siteglide and manually removes the "employee pending" Secure Zone from that User and adds the real "Employee" Secure Zone

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