Visual Page Builder is a drag and drop builder tool designed to be used with Studio Module, although can be used without Studio and on any platform you choose.

Choose from an ever-growing library of layouts to design, wireframe and build website Pages quickly.

Where can you find Visual Page Builder?

With Studio installed on your Site, and while editing a Page, click to navigate to the 'Studio' tab, or head to the Visual Page Builder demo.

Differences Between Visual Page Builder and Layout Library

Visual Page Builder is the tool used for building pages, using the drag and drop functionality to move blocks into your design. Once having built a Page, you can export the full page HTML, and paste this into pages you are building on your Site.

Layout Library is a collection of ready-made layouts for you to add anywhere on your site, be it Pages, WebApp or Module layout files. Layouts include a full library of layout Blocks as well as layout Pages.

Using Visual Page Builder / 'Studio'

Within Visual Page Builder, you can browse and access the full Studio Layout Library of Blocks and Pages, using the Snippets menu on the right-hand side.

Blocks are layouts that you can add together to build pages, whereas Pages are full ready-made Page layouts you can immediately customise and then export to use on your Site, or use directly within Admin.

Click the arrow on the right hand side to open up the Snippets menu. You can select the type of Layout that you'd like, from the dropdown at the top; choose a Block layout or Page layout from here.

Once you have chosen a Layout that you'd like to use, simply drag and drop this into your Page.

Similar to our Editor currently in Siteglide Pages, you can control various elements including the text colour, size, and style; along with many more options.

Check out Visual Page Builder - How To Build for more information.

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