Studio by Siteglide offers a best practice, Bootstrap 4 based, design and development process to rapidly build far more than just websites.

Use Studio's Visual Page Builder to customise layouts and then integrate them with the full Siteglide Digital Experience Platform featureset.

You have total control over the design and development process. Customise Studio in Figma or go straight to Visual Page Builder and design as you develop.

What makes up Studio?

Studio by Siteglide is a collaboration of three tools, that can be used individually or as a collective for the desired effect:

Studio Module

The Studio Module includes core Bootstrap 4 and CSS necessary for making Pages fully responsive and match the designs from Studio Library

Studio Module also includes two SCSS files which are displayed within Code Editor > "assets" > "css" > "modules" > "module_19 (Studio)" > "_custom-variables.scss" and "_custom.scss". These contain variables used to globally customise any content on any page across a site built with Studio layouts.

To install the Studio Module, tick the box on Site create or find it in the list of Modules in Portal under Site Settings.

Studio Library

Layout Library is a collection of layouts which can be copied and pasted into your Pages with a Studio template attached. These layouts also make up the Blocks that can be utilised within Visual Page Builder.

Studio Visual Page Builder

Visual Page Builder is a drag and drop page builder tool used to quickly create pages using Blocks or Templates from the Snippets menu. You can export your creation and paste this into a Page within your Site.

Using Studio Module

When using Studio module, either alone, or with Visual Page Builder or Layout Library, make sure that on the Page Template, the "Use Studio" checkbox is checked to enable loading of Studio files and variables on all Pages that use this Template.

You can find here: More about Studio ; Studio Visual Page Builder and Layout Library

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