Since we've connected with Zapier, this has opened up many doors of being able to hook up your Site to MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, or any others of the like with ease, enabling you to use well established email marketing providers with Siteglide.

When using our Zapier app with email marketing providers, you may want to select only users that have opted in to your newsletter to be sent to your recipients list at MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, etc.

Create a Zap With Filters

Using your dashboard, head to the left hand menu and click on 'Make A Zap'.

You will then be redirected to an area where you can begin setting up a Zap.

  • Search for Siteglide Admin
  • Choose "New Form Case" as your trigger
  • Click "Continue"

Customise Cases

  • Form ID - Choose your form (containing a checkbox field)
  • Filter - Copy and paste the following
{ name: "form_field_[insert Form ID]_[insert Field ID]", array_contains:["[insert Checkbox Option]"] }

Your Form ID, Field ID, and Checkbox Option can be found in Code Editor > Layout used for this Form > optin element within this Form.

This will be in the format - "form_field_1_3_true" .

  • Form ID = "1"
  • Field ID = "3"
  • Checkbox Option = "true"

For this instance, it would be:

name: "form_field_1_3", array_contains:["true"]

  • Search for your app (in this case, Mailchimp)
  • Choose your event (in this case, "Add / Update Subscriber" )
  • Connect your Mailchimp account
  • Fill required fields and any other fields you wish to fill in - 'Audience' and 'Subscriber Email'
  • Test & Continue

If the test comes back successful, a pop up will show saying 'This Zap is ready, turn it on?', turn this on and you are ready to go.

If the test comes back and has failed, it will tell you why and you can fix this.

Make sure to name this Zap and you can click the arrow in the left hand corner to take you to your 'Zaps', this is where any draft and working Zaps will be.

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