When you create a new site it is automatically created in "Staging".

Staging sites send all emails to the addresses that you enter below and not to their intended recipient (including workflows and auto responders). We do this to prevent trial sites being created on Siteglide and then being used to send spam.

When a site is then made live it is converted to "Production", the production site will automatically send emails to their intended recipient by default.

Updating your Staging Email

To add your email address to your staging site, there is a tab within Site Details titled "Staging Settings"

You can enter multiple addresses into this field using a comma separated format, for example: developer@siteglide.com, client@siteglide.com

Any emails that the site then triggers will be sent to the above email addresses, these can be changed at any time by going back to this screen and simply updating the email addresses again.

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