BC Exporter is guaranteed to save you time and hassle, and it exports more of your website than can you can do manually. In fact, BC Exporter exports all the data that the BC APIs allow + Media Downloads, and it wraps it all up for you in one .zip file which is easy to download, and transfer as you see fit.

Our Offer

We have an offer with BC Exporter available to all Siteglide partners that means you can claim a free BC Exporter Credit for every Site you take live with us.

Claiming your free BC Exporter Credits

Once you've have put a site live you can contact our success team via intercom (bottom right-hand corner with Admin and on our main Site) and request your free BC Exporter Credit. Our success team will then process your request with the BC Exporter team and let you know once it has been issued.

Sites gain a status of "Live" once a new site subscription has been applied to it. You can also ask our team to include more than one site if you have more than one live you have not already claimed a credit for.

How will I know once I have received my free credit(s)?

- Our success team will let you know via intercom when your credit(s) are on their way to you.

- BC Exporter will also email you using the same email address that you use with Siteglide, letting you know your new credit(s) are ready.

- You will find the additional credit(s) within your BC Exporter account ready for you to use and begin exporting.

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