With our Client Connect billing option you can earn recurring revenue on autopilot! You would set a price for each Siteglide plan that your customers would pay and we would take our fee in the process. This is fully automated and handles overages and upgrades in the process.

This is a great way to markup our prices and earn recurring revenue with ease.

How it works:

You are actually billing your clients directly via your own Stripe account but we're automating the process and taking our fee for using Siteglide in the process. This dramatically reduces your admin and helps you earn recurring revenues in a scalable way. This also helps with things like non-payment and plan changes.

In the past (and with our Agency Direct billing option) you would have to manually update your client billing if the plan changed and often agencies end up out of pocket.

Client Connect billing setup and important information:

  1. We recommend setting up a new Stripe account just for Siteglide billing. You can use your existing account but during the setup process you are granting Siteglide access to your account (See Client Connect Billing under the Billing tab).

  2. Then setup each of your agency plans on the Manage Plans page. Note: Please ensure you setup ALL plans before putting any sites live as otherwise you will lose revenue on upgrades/downgrades.

  3. If you need to charge your clients tax (VAT, GST etc) please add this here: https://admin.siteglide.com/#/portal/billing/client and navigate to the "Tax" tab.

  4. Please review how Usage works, your client is the payee so will also likely want to understand how this process works. If you do not want them to see/experience Usage, Overages, Upgrades or Downgrades you should consider Agency Direct billing but will be responsible for manually billing them accordingly.

How to put a site live using Client Connect billing:

  1. Find the trial site you wish to put live in Portal, then select the Subscription tab and confirm the plan you would like to put them on (you may prefer to pick a higher plan to avoid Overages or Upgrades).

  2. You will then need to notify your client to login and add their card details to start the subscription. Note: You cannot add domains and go live until your client completes this step.

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