Formatting Price:
In the eCommerce Module, a formatted price is generated so partners can quickly output the correct price. However, you may sometimes need to convert a "raw" price integer to a currency format.

Instead, we can include our "price_formatter" layout, which will convert the price from "cents" to "dollars":

{%- include 'modules/siteglide_ecommerce/ecommerce/price_formatter', price_data: my_price_variable -%}

Here "price_data: my_price_variable" refers to the unformatted price, where my_price_variable can be any variable containing a price you'd like to format. This will then output the formatted price.

Currency Symbols:
You can access all the currency symbols available on Siteglide by calling them in from {{context.exports}}, here is a list of all the currencies available:

To output these we need to first specify we're looking in "currency_map"- then we can select the field we'd like to output:


Or if the currency is already given within the context of a WebApp Layout, (as an abbreviation) you could output using that:


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