From your 'Client Details' page, click on the 'Sites' tab, within a Client of your choice.

To the right of the search field and above your list of Sites, is a blue button saying ' Create new Site', click here to begin creating a new Site.

Creating a Site here means it is a Site specifically for only this Client and your Agency to access.

Click the ‘Create new Site’ button to open up a modal to enter information about your new Site.

  • Site Name - Enter in a name for this new Site

  • Site URL - Enter in the Production URL you'd like this Site to have (you change to your Domain Name when you take this Site live)

  • Choose to toggle on or off for Install Studio, and Install Starter Site.

Once you have done this, click 'Create Site', and this will begin to create. An email will sent out when this Site has been created and is ready for you to begin working on.

This Site will now appear in this Client's list of existing Sites.

Why Install Studio and Starter Site?

Studio is an optional core Module using Bootstrap 4 that allows you to speed up the Design and building process whilst using our layouts.

Starter Site is a Site containing all of our features and dummy data, used for testing our features and for getting a Site built quickly.

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