Setting up your Site with Zapier means you can take advantage of this fantastic automation tool and start saving time.

You can add your Siteglide Site this way to begin with or go ahead and add it on the go in making your first Zap.

Where can you do this?

To begin, head over to Zapier, and create an account.
Once you have done this, head over to Siteglide Admin app on Zapier, you can do this by using the left hand menu > My Apps > 'connect new account', search for Siteglide Admin.
This will take you to a new window where you can enter details to connect your Site on Siteglide with Zapier; your Siteglide admin email , your Site ID, and your Siteglide admin password.

Your Site will now show up under 'My Connections'.
One last thing, make sure to test this connection by clicking 'Test' on the right hand side of your Site's name.

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