This Article assumes you've already:

  • Added a "cart_add" button to a Layout. 

If you've not already done this, you can read the following Articles to learn more:


Although we've had an "Add to Cart" button for a while now, we've recently added the ability to add a custom Layout for this component.

This will allow you to:

  • Change the style of the button
  • Change the style of the button when the Product is out of stock
  • Change the behaviour of JavaScript when adding to the Cart is successful

Specifying a Layout

You can add a Layout to the Cart Add Button by adding a component_layout parameter to the Liquid:

{% include 'ecommerce/cart_add', component_layout: 'my_custom_layout' -%}

This feature is backwards compatible, so if you have a Site which does not specify a Layout for these buttons, the default Layout will be chosen automatically- and this will be identical to the style and behaviour you are used to.

Layout Files

We store these Layout files at the following path:


You can either edit the default Layout or create your own by right-clicking on the "my_custom_layout" folder.


Looking at the default layout, you can see that it has some key characteristics you may wish to keep in your new Layout:

  • Checking if the Product is in stock
  • Running the JavaScript function

Checking if the Product is In Stock (or no inventory limit is set)

You can use a Liquid If Statement to check if the Product is in stock.

{% if == blank or this.inventory.quantity != '0' -%}
  <!-- Product is in stock - or no inventory limit is set.-->
{% else -%}
  <!-- Product is out of stock. -->
{% endif -%}

Running the JavaScript Function

To achieve the functionality of adding a Product to the Cart, you'll need to run a JavaScript function when the button is clicked. 

The first argument is mandatory- you must pass in the ID of the Product using Liquid:


Customising the Success Alert

Adding your own Function

The second argument in the JavaScript function is optional. If you like, you can add in the name of a function you've defined on your Page. This will run instead of the default "alert" message when a Product is successfully added:

<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="s_e_cart_add({{}}, my_success_function)">Add to cart</button>

  function my_success_function() {
    alert('Ajouter au Panier.');

As in the example above, you can use this to add a different alert message with a different message. 

Or you could run any other JavaScript you like instead.

Customising the Success Alert along with Live Cart Update

Remember, you also have access to the function:


which will return the number of Items now in the Cart. You could incorporate this number into the message.

<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="s_e_cart_add({{}}, my_success_function)">Add to cart</button>

  function my_success_function() {
    var cartTotal = s_e_live_cart_update();
    alert('Success! You now have '+cartTotal+' items in your Cart');

Buy Now Button

Some eCommerce Sites require a "Buy Now" button which adds the Product to the Cart and then sends them directly into the Checkout Flow. You can turn your "Add to Cart" button into a "Buy Now" button using customisation options:

<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="s_e_cart_add({{}}, my_success_function)">Buy it now!</button>

function my_success_function() {
window.location.href = "/cart";

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