The Details tab is where you can create and edit key information of an Authors item

When adding a new Authors item or editing an existing Authors item, you are taken to the 'Details' tab.

Here you can see and edit information within your Authors item, such as:

ID / External ID - Unique identifiers for this Authors item - you cannot edit these.
Item Name - The name of the item
Weighting - If you don't want the order to be alphabetical, you can add numbers here to choose your own hierarchy
Release Date - When you would you like to release this Author
Expiry Date - When you would like this Author to expire/be removed
Enable Toggle - Enable or disable this Author
Title - Title of this Author - (their name)
Subtitle - Subtitle for this Author
Description - Description for this Author
Image - An image for this Author
Image Alt - Text describing the image if the image doesn't show
LinkedIn URL
Facebook URL
Twitter URL
Instagram URL
Google URL
Pinterest URL

Adding To Category

From your 'Details' tab, navigate to the 'Categories' tab. 

Choose a category that you'd like to add this Authors item to and once you've done this, make sure to click save.

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