The Events Module comes with a wide range of options for your List View. You can output Events as:

You can also use our Navigation options with any of these views.

Outputting a List View

You can output a List View in any Liquid File - that means:

  • Pages
  • Templates
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Layouts
  • Code SnippetsĀ 
  • Content Sections

Basic List views will also work in workflow and auto-responder emails, but be aware that any features which depend on JavaScript or URL parameters will not be supported in this context- that includes the Map and Calendar Layouts.

Use the following Liquid Syntax to output an Events List view:

{%- include 'module', id: '12', layout: 'design_system/1/list', per_page: '2000', show_pagination: 'false', sub_model: 'true' -%}

Follow the links in the Introduction to see advice on setting parameters when choosing the Map or Calendar Layouts- as well as when using the Events Navigation features.

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