At Siteglide, we'll often refer to List and Detail Views.

List views show a List of database Items, allowing Site Visitors to see a selection of content, and perhaps browse for the content they are most interested in.

Detail views display much more information about a specific Item.

If you choose, you can enable Detail Pages on the Events Module. This will automatically generate Detail Pages for all Events. You can choose which Layout and Page Template is used and therefore fully customise all Detail Pages at once.

Editing the Module Structure

To enable or disable Detail Pages, click the "Edit Module Structure" button:

This will open the "Edit Module Structure" screen.

Enabling Disabling Detail Pages

Toggle the Checkbox to Enable or Disable Detail Pages:

Setting a Slug

Set a slug to decide the beginning of the URL for all Events Detail Pages.

Customising Detail Pages

Set a Detail Layout to customise the HTML structure of your Detail Page: 

Set a Page Template which should wrap your Detail Pages:

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