We're excited to bring you the Events Module!

We'll start here by detailing all the features you'll be able to use, when you install the Events Module and when you combine it with other features.

Further documentation will become available during the rest of the week, showing you how to use more of the features in detail. When it's ready, we'll link you to it here. 

Core Features

The Events Module allows you to:

  • Manage Events on the Admin- including adding, editing and deleting

  • Assign Categories to Events

  • Create List and Detail Views for your Events

  • On the List View, allow users to Navigate and Filter. Options include filtering the Events by Date or Category.  

  • On the List View, search for all Events which are taking place between two dates chosen by the Site visitor.

  • Create unique List Views which display Events on a Map or a Calendar. With the help of JavaScript and CSS, these Layouts can be fully customised. 

Using the Events Module along with other Modules

Using the Events Module along with the Authors Module allows you to:

Using the Events Module along with the eCommerce Module allows you to sell Event Tickets. Read more here:

  • Create Event Tickets as eCommerce Products

  • Datasource Event Tickets from the Event, to create a relationship between the Event and it's tickets

  • Display related tickets on your Event Layout

  • Or, you can have an Event with no tickets! The choice is yours!

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