Outputting your Products onto a Page enables you to showcase your variety of Products to customers.

Where can you output your Products?

From your list of Pages, choose a Page that you'd like to output your Products onto. Navigate to your Page Builder tab of this Page.

From here, head over to the Toolbox on the right-hand side. Click the drop-down on eCommerce, 'Insert Product List' and a modal will pop up asking about how you'd like your Products to show.

  • Choose a layout: 'cart', 'default', 'demo_site_cart', 'demo_site_products', 'siteglide_example', 'starter_kit_sitemap_products' (or a custom layout that you've created)

  • How many items do you want to have per page?

  • Do you want to show pagination?

  • Choose a Sort Type: 'Name', 'Create Date', 'Last Edited Date', 'Release Date', and 'Weighting'

  • Choose a Sort Order: 'Ascending' and 'Descending' 

Once you are happy, click 'Insert' and this will add the liquid tag for your Products onto your Page.

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