A Form Autoresponder is the email sent to the site visitor who fills out the form. A Form Workflow is the email sent to site administrators to notify them of a new form Case (submission).

Where can you do this?

When editing a Form, navigate to the Autoresponder and Workflow tabs; and scroll down until you reach the "Content" code block.

Default fields:

  • {{form.id}} - outputs the ID of the form
  • {{form.properties.name}} - outputs the ID of the form
  • {{form.properties.name}} - outputs the ID of the form

Custom Field Examples:

  • {{form.properties.form_field_3_1}} - outputs the custom field. Update to match the correct field ID
  • {{form.properties.form_field_3_1 | asset_url}} - appends asset_url path to the field contents, this is useful for file field types.

  - where 3 = form ID and 1 = field ID. You can easily find out the field ID by looking at the default form layout in your Code Editor.

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