Outputting a Form onto your Page allows for your Form to be visible to visitors so that they can interact with it. 

Where can you do this?

You can output Forms on any Page via Pages in your Admin using Toolbox.
When in Page Builder, you can use the Toolbox on the right hand side to insert a Form into your Page.

A modal will pop up asking which Form you'd like to select (from a dropdown of existing Forms on your Site); which layout you'd like to use (from a dropdown of default, Design System or another layout which appears); click "Insert" and the liquid tag will be inserted into your Page Builder.

Toolbox compiles the following liquid tag automatically for you when you select a new Form to output.

{%- include 'form', id:'custom_form_1', layout: 'default', name: 'test form 1' -%}

Required Parameters:

  • ID - The ID of the form you are outputting

  • Name - Name of the form you are outputting

Optional Parameters:

  • upload_dir - Formatted example: images/all/ - Default = images/{{id}}/

  • layout - Name of layout you want to use e.g. my-own-layout - Default = default

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