Above your list of Forms, on the right hand side, is a blue button that says "Add New Form".

Click this button to create a new Form.

Form Setup:

  • Form Name - This field is used to name your form, please do not use specical characters.
  • Form Redirect - This field specifies which page the user is redirected to after they have submitted your form. It requires no initial /, for example; contact or services/my-service.

Default Required Fields:

  • Name - User submitting the form is required to enter their name.
  • Email Address - User submitting the form is required to enter their email.

Custom Field Types:

  • Text (String) - Single line text field, used for short text inputs.
  • Text (Multiline) - Multiline text field, used for longer text inputs.
  • Checkbox - Comma seperated e.g. Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2
  • Radio Button - Comma seperated e.g. Radio 1, Radio 2
  • Dropdown - Comma seperated e.g. Option 1, Option 2
  • File - Media upload field

You can set any of your custom fields as required/optional via the checkbox next to each field created.

Files uploaded via a form will be stored within a folder named after the form UID (custom_form_1). You can view these folders via File Manager.

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