You can create a new Template from your list of existing Templates, by clicking the blue "+ Add new template" button to the right of the search field.

When you create a template there are some key steps you'll need to take so you can begin to apply templates to pages. Let's look at the steps to help you create your Template. 

Once you've clicked '+ Add new template' see the following fields & checkboxes: 

  • Name - Internal name of your template so you can find it later

  • Type - Use to create either a Page or Email template

  • Default Template? - Check to define the current template as default

  • Use Studio? - Check to include Studio in the current template

As a minimum, it is required that you enter a Name and specify the template type to save.

Once you've saved your template the code box is automatically pre-filled with a basic Page Template structure including a Liquid tag that will automatically pull through the content of any Pages you apply this Template to.

<!DOCTYPE html>


  {{ content_for_layout }}


Use the Toolbox to the right of the Content field to output any existing 'Headers' and 'Footers'. Clicking on a Header or Footer from Toolbox will automatically generate a liquid tag that will render when viewing the front-end page. 

Your Header Liquid tag should be placed directly below the opening <body>  HTML tag and above the content_for_layout  Liquid tag. 

Your Footer Liquid tag should be placed directly above the closing </body>  HTML tag and below the content_for_layout  Liquid tag. 

Once you have outputted your tags into the correct position, you can click save.

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