When you first create a Site, it begins a 30 day trial period. After the initial trial period, you can either extend it, or leave it to expire. Read on to find out more about the expiry flow and how you can extend a site trial.

How Many Days Of My Trial Remain?

While viewing the 'Site Details' table, beneath 'URL', you'll see 'Status'. Status shows whether a Site is Live, in Trial or expired.

A site that is in Trial will display the number of days remaining next to the status in brackets. When the number of days remaining reaches 0, the site will become expired.

Can You Extend Your Trial?

Once the 30 day Trial has ended, the 'Status' will marked as 'Trial Expired - Locked' with a button next to it saying 'Extend Trial', click this to extend your trial by an additional 30 days. 

How Many Times Can You Extend Your Trial?

If you're still building a Site, you can extend its Trail by 30 days up until the limit of the Account Plan that you are on (90 on Business, 180 on Agency or Unlimited on Agency Pro). Each time the trial expires, head back to Site Details and click the extend button.

What Happens When A Site Is Expired?

When a Site has finished the 30 days Trial, an email will be sent out to the agency who owns the site, letting them know that their site has been expired and locked. 

You can then come back and extend your trial or leave it to remain expired. 

After 14 days of this trial being locked and with no user extending this trial; a reminder email is sent out and this Site will now redirect to https://www.siteglide.com/

After 13 days of this trial being redirected; another reminder email is sent to notify the agency owner that this Site will be deleted if no action is taken. 

After 1 day of this second email being sent out, this trial Site will be locked and greyed out in Siteglide. 

Within 24 hours of this site being greyed out, this Site will be fully deleted.

What If You Don't Want To Extend Your Trial?

If you have test Sites that you don't need anymore, take no action and allow it to continue through the expiration flow and will be automatically deleted.

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