Site Details is where you can find information specific to a selected site, such as Site ID, Production URL, Status and more.

Here, you can see more information specific to this site (You may recognise some from the 'All Sites' page):

  • ID - Unique identifier for this site

  • Site Name - Name of the site - this can be edited
    (only by the owner of the Site).

  • URL - The site's live or developmental URL - this can be edited
    (only by the owner of the Site and keeping the same format. e.g. Staging/Trial Sites = and Production/Live Sites = )

  • Status - This will either be 'Trial' or 'Live' (here, you can now also see how long is left on your trial. When your trial has expired, you can extend your trial from here)

  • Datacenter - One of three datacenters that was picked when this site was created (London, Oregon, Sydney)

  • Company (listed as Owner in 'All Sites' page) - The Agency or Client that owns this site 

  • Created At - The date that this site was created

  • Created By - Email address of the user that created this site 

  • API Key - You can click here to reveal your key

Where can you find this?

From 'All Sites', in your list of Sites, click on the name of the Site, this brings up your Site Details. 

To the right of this tab, you can see three buttons:

  • View - Takes you to the front end of your site

  • Admin - Takes you to the back end of your site to edit

  • Delete - Enables you to delete this site

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