The 'Users' tab inside a Client shows you a list of all of users who currently have access to this client any any sites within it.

Each Client user added who is not a Siteglide Partner contributes to the Website User Usage total of all Sites within. Client users can only see Sites inside their company and cannot see your other Clients, or your own Partner Sites.

How do you view 'Users' for a client?

From your Portal, click 'Clients' on the left-hand menu to navigate to a list of your Clients. From here, click on the name or edit button of a Client. This brings you to 'Client Details' and click on the 'Users' tab.
This shows you a list of all Users within this Client.

How can you filter Users?

You can filter by search, or by clicking the toggles next to 'Name' and 'Email' .

How can you find out more information about a User?

You can do this by clicking on the name of the User or by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right hand side of the list of Users.

This brings up two tabs:
User Details

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