Upload a file to File Manager on your site so that it can be used on pages, in WebApps, Modules such as Blog and more.

Please note that all files are stored on a global CDN, check out this Assets doc for more information.  

Where can you upload files?

Before uploading a file, click on the relevant tab/folder for the type of file you are uploading: Images, Documents, CSS, or JS. Other file types such as video can be uploaded to either Images or Documents as you see fit.

Next, find the folder that you'd like to add it to and click into that folder. If your folder does not yet exist, see the Create a Folder document.

Note: Make sure that the file you want to upload does not contain a space in its name. We recommend a dash instead of a space, e.g "example-1.png".

To upload your file, either drag and drop it into the upload area, or click this area to open a documents folder on your device where you can select the file you would like to upload.

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