Editing your Menus allows you to be able to edit the order of your Menu as well as edit the individual item's URL, Target and Custom Classes.

Where can you edit your Menus?

While viewing your list of Menus, click on the pencil icon, or the name on any existing Menu to open the Menu and edit it.

Editing a Menu Item

Within your Menu, click the edit icon to the right - hand side of the name of a Page or Module/ Web App Item within your Menu to edit; or click the bin to delete an item from the Menu.

Click the pencil icon to open a modal to edit information about this item:

  • Link Text - Link text is the name of the Menu item as it appears.

  • URL - This is the URL for your Menu item, linking to a Page or Module / Web App Item on your site.

  • Target - Targets allow you to have the Page open in a new tab or perform another action.

  • Custom Classes - Adding Custom Classes to your Menu enables you to add custom CSS classes to a your Menu items to apply more specific styling.

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