Toolbox is a side bar filled with liquid shortcuts for inserting various items into Pages, which makes for quick and efficient editing and also means you don't need to remember the specific line of code or item IDs to output data on your page.

Where can you find Toolbox?

While viewing Page Builder, you will see Toolbox to the right-hand side of your screen. 

How can you use it?

You can insert any of the following elements from Toolbox:

Site Search Form, and Results - this allows visitors to quickly find what they're looking for

Insert Form - this allows you to add a Form that you have made in Forms

Insert Image - inserting an image from your device, in here, you can see already
uploaded images to your site that you can add to this Page too quickly

WebApps - inserting WebApps that you have made, to this page

Modules - insert a Blog, Authors or FAQ

Secure Zones - insert a member's area or other Secure Zone that you have made

eCommerce - inserting a cart, checkout, and a product list

Insert Menu
- insert a Menu that you have made, containing your important Pages that every visitor may want to visit (this can added into your Template in your Header so be careful of duplicate Menus)

Insert Code Snippet - such as a starter kit eCommerce sidebar 

Insert Content Section - this can also be used to insert a sidebar

Insert Footer - inserting a Footer that you have made in the Site Manager

Insert Header - inserting a Header that you have made in the Site Manager

Insert Company Information - inserting information that you have put within the company information tab in CMS, this is extremely handy for an about Page.

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