'Code' is an area for developers to input code to customize the content displayed on your page.

As long as your code is wrapped in a double <div> element, your clients will be able to edit the content you have built without looking at code, by using Editor or Studio. 

Where can you find 'Code'?

When viewing your list of Pages, click on the name of an existing page to view it's Details page. While viewing the 'Details' tab, click the 'Code' tab.

Is there anything you can use with 'Code'?

You can use Toolbox to easily output data from across your site via point and click. Check out this document for more information.

You can also use our free Layout Library which contains ready-made designs that you can copy and paste into your 'Code' tab and customize. These contain layouts for many different types of areas on your site and are fully responsive and optimised.

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