The 'Details' tab is where you can create and edit key information of a Page including; URL, Name, Secure Zones and SEO fields. You can also choose to set a page as your new Homepage, show/hide it from site searches, switch Page Templates and even toggle whether or not your page is enabled/disabled.

Where Can You Find 'Details'?

From your list of Pages, click on the name of an existing Page to view its 'Details' tab. Alternatively, you can click on the pencil icon to the right of the page name.

'Details' Overview 

Name your page - Only visible to users within your Siteglide Admin, you can use this to find your page again later.

Page URL - The URL slug of your page, for example "/about". This field automatically populates when you enter a name, but can be edited. Page URL's are unique and cannot be used more than once on a site.

Set as your Homepage - Set the current page to be the first thing visitors see when they view your site.

Visible to search - Decide if the page should be included in the results of Site Searches or not. This setting does not hide the page from search engine bots.

Enable this page - Decide if the current page is Enabled or Disabled. While the page is disabled, none will be able to view it from your website, including search engine bots.

Page Template - Select a Page Template to apply to the page. This template will wrap around your Page content. 

SEO Settings - Provide your Page with a Page Title and Meta Description for search engines to find. These will automatically output on your Page if you have a selected a Page Template.

Open Graph Settings - Control how the page previews when it's shared in various places, such as social media or chats.

Secure Zones - Lock the page behind one or multiple Secure Zones. Only users you have given access to can then view the page.

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