Below describes the different types of billing that Siteglide offers, and who each is better suited to:

Agency Direct

In the case that an agency would like to pay us directly for the licence fee then 'Agency Direct' billing would be used.  This allows the agency to then charge their client any fees separately (externally from Siteglide), and potentially bundle in other services all while masking the original price of the licence fee.

Flow for Agency:

  • Add card to be used for all payments in Billing -> Setup.
  • Go to Site Details -> Billing (tab) -> Pick a Siteglide plan and confirm.
  • For monthly plans, this will create a pro rata charge for the time the go live was confirmed, until the 1st of the next month. On the first the full amount for the billing period is charged.
  • For annual plans, this will bill the full annual period immediately.
  • This sets up a subscription on the Siteglide Stripe account and we pay applicable Stripe fees.
  • Agency needs to handle all upgrades/downgrades/overages/payment issues etc.  with their client.

Flow for Client:

  • No interaction with billing within Siteglide and deals directly with agency offline

Client Connect

In this scenario a client would pay an agency directly via Stripe and Siteglide take an "application fee" during the process.  This is run via Stripe with a feature called 'Stripe Connect'.

Flow for Agency:

  • Go to Billing -> Setup -> Connect to Stripe.  This sets up a new stripe account for the agency and links it to the Siteglide Stripe account.
  • Can optionally setup tax rates using Billing -> Tax.
  • Set up plans using Billing -> Plans. This involves taking our existing plans and marking them up to prices the agency uses.
  • To put a site live, go to Site Details -> Billing (tab). Here there will be a list of available plans for the site and the ability to select one.
  • The client can then be notified (manually) that they will need to login to pay.

Flow for Client:

  • Login to Admin and go to Site Details.
  • On the billing tab see the plan the agency has selected and an area to enter card details, or use existing details.
  • Click 'upgrade' and API/background processes handles the payment process.

After the above is done, the following happens on Stripe:

  • A customer with their card is setup (or selected if not their first site)
  • A subscription is created against that user and is set to NOT automatically bill
  • The first invoice is retrieved and the Siteglide cost is added as an application fee
  • For monthly plans, the invoice is then processed so we get an immediate pro-rata payment
  • The subscription is edited to put on the application fee and them it is set back to automatic bill mode
  • Stripe will remove a percentage of the subscription for that month, and automatically send to Siteglide as our fee

Note: Due to the way that Stripe Connect integrates with your account, we recommend that you setup a new Stripe account that you solely use for Siteglide.

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