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Opening the Site creation modal

Once your account is ready, you can create as many sites as you like, whenever you like, from your Portal.

To create a site, go to your "Clients" or your "Agency" and and click the "Create New Site" button above your sites list, on the right hand side.

Options when creating a Site

Using the modal, you will need to give your new site a name, and also search for and select your company before clicking the "Create Site" button.

The page will refresh once your site is ready, which can take a few minutes. If you close this modal, the process will continue in the background and will appear in your sites list when it’s ready for you to start building on.

Design System and Starter Site

Design System Benefits

Design System is Siteglide's way of speeding up design and layout development. Installing Design System at this stage adds the Design System CSS high up in the <head> of the page. This means that any layouts you copy in from Layout Library should look good straight out of the box!

If you are using Starter Site, you should include Design Systems. 

When might this not be right for my Site?

If you prefer to start from scratch and write all of your own CSS, or use a different library, you should not install Design System on your new site. This will avoid unused CSS and help performance. 

Starter Site Benefits

Starter Site is the fastest way to dive into Siteglide. It gives you a ready-built site which you can use as a sandbox for trying out features, experimenting, learning or demoing a proof of concept. 

It includes:

  • eCommerce Products and Cart
  • Categories
  • Blog
  • Menu
  • A Custom Gallery WebApp

When might this not be right for my Site?

We currently recommend that Starter Site is not installed on Sites that are intended to go live. The main reason for this is that it includes lots of placeholder content that would have to be removed before you went live. However, there are plans in the future to make versions of Starter Site which will be suitable for starting off sites on the journey towards going live.

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