Creating a Sign Up Form

For maximum flexibility, you can assign any of your custom Forms to be a Sign Up Form for a Secure Zone.

When creating or editing a Form, click on the "Secure Zones" tab to select which Zones you would like the Form to allow sign up for. When you're done, hit the save button.

The Password Field

Once a Secure Zone has been added to a Form, a password field is added automatically to the Default Layout.

If you're using a Custom Form Layout, you should copy across the new Password Field from the default Layout to your Custom Layout. We deliberately don't automatically update custom Layouts in order to not overwrite custom code.

The Liquid logic around the Password Field means that if a User is already signed in, it won't ask them for their Password again.

Using a Sign Up Form as a Login Form

If the User has already Signed Up- the same Form can be used to log them in.

Outputting your Sign Up Form on a Page

The final step is to create a registration Page and use Toolbox to output the Sign Up Form.

Note- by default, anyone who lands on a Page will be able to fill out the Sign Up Form. If your Secure Zone is sensitive, you may wish to further control who will be able to access the Page the Form is on.

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