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Introduction to Siteglide eCommerce Products

Adding a Product is very similar to adding a WebApp item, but with additional features which are fully integrated into other features of Siteglide eCommerce e.g. Shopping Cart, Checkout and Orders.

Adding / Importing Products

You can find Products in the left-hand menu under ECOMMERCE / Products: 

You can add a new Product using the "+ Add New Product" button in the top-right of the page; or by clicking 'Import' to import Products from elsewhere, make sure to follow the instructions and use the import template to help

Navigate the tabs to add information to the Product.

Standard Fields:

  • ID - This is the Product’s unique ID in your site’s database. It is generated automatically when you first save a Product.
  • External ID - This is a unique ID which is helpful when importing and exporting data. It is generated automatically when you first save a Product.
  • Item Name - The name of your product
  • Item Slug - This will display at the end of the URL for the Product detail page. (To change the preceding slug, go to ECOMMERCE / Settings in the left-hand menu.)
  • Weighting - Controls where your product appears in a list view if it is sorted by weighting.
  • Release Date - The date your Product will become visible on the site. This can be used to plan a Product Launch.
  • Expiry Date - The date your Product will be discontinued on the site. It is possible to change this after expiry.
  • Enabled - If toggled to false, the product will be hidden from the site. This is useful if, for example, a Product has been temporarily recalled.
  • Description - A description of your Product.
  • Image - It is possible to add further images as custom fields. See custom field sets.
  • Product Code (SKU) - This is the product code you use within your business (usually on barcodes) to identify this product.


Click the SEO tab to set SEO metadata for Product detail pages, so your Products are easier to find.


Categories are a powerful tool when applied to Products. Click the Categories tab to assign categories to a Product or learn more about Categories here.

Customising the Product


Click the pricing tab to set a price for the Product.

  • Currency - Currently only one Currency is supported. See eCommerce Settings to set it.
  • Chargeable Price - This is the main price that will be added to the total the Customer pays when the Product is added to a basket. It can be modified using Product Attributes (see below).
  • Display Only Price -Use this to display an extra price such as RRP or Price Before Tax.

Using Custom Field Sets

Custom Field Sets are groups of Custom Fields that you can reuse across a range of Siteglide Database Objects including Users, and Products. See Adding Custom Field Sets to learn more about creating Custom Field Sets, or explore under SITE MANAGER / Custom Field Sets in the left-hand side Menu.

Once your Custom Field Set has been created, you can assign it to an individual Product under the Custom Field Sets tab in the Add Product page.

Any Custom Field Sets you have added the Product will appear as tabs.

You can press the "+" icon at the end of the row to assign a new Custom Field Set. The fields you added previously can now be filled in with Product-specific information.

Product Attributes (Variations)

This powerful feature allows you to specify aspects of the Product that the customer can customize as they order, for example the size or colour.

Click the "Add Attribute" button to add a new Attribute. This will appear as a new row of fields below.

  • Name - This is the name of the Attribute which can vary on this product e.g. "Size" or "Colour".
  • Toggling "off" will hide this Attribute from view while customers are making Orders.
  • Below this, you will see a table appear for the different Attribute Options e.g. if you named your Attribute "Colour", you may choose options of "Blue" and "Red".

Press the "Add Option" button to add a new row to the Options table. Then fill in the fields below:

  • Name - Add the name of the option e.g. "Large" or "green".
  • Product Code (SKU)- This is the internal Product Code you use in your business for Products with this Attribute Option.
  • Enabled - Unlike the previous enabled toggle, this does affect the whole attribute, but only this particular option. Use if e.g. "blue" is out of stock, but you still have "red" to sell.
  • Price - This field increases the total Price of the product when this Attribute option is selected e.g.a product costs $10 but a "metallic silver" version costs $2 extra, you would add the value 2 here. A price of 0 would mean that the Attribute does not add to the total Price when selected.

Product Inventory

Click the Inventory tab on a Product to set your current stock levels.

  • Inventory Type - Currently "Global" is the only type available.
  • Display Type (when zero inventory) - This can be controlled on a per-Product basis. Use it to control what happens when a Product is out of stock; you can either hide the product from the shop or display it without accepting orders.
  • Quantity - Set the quantity you currently have in stock.

Editing a Product

You can return to a Product at any time to amend information. Simply go to ECOMMERCE / Products in the left-hand menu. Use the search feature in the top-left to find your Product name quickly and click the Product name in the table to access the Edit Product view.

Exporting a Product

Within your list of products in the top right hand corner, in the middle of 'Import' and 'Add New Product', is an 'Export' button. This will do a full export of all of the products within this site.

Deleting a Product

Just like a Webapp item, you can delete a Product. Access the Edit Product view as above and click the "Delete" button in the bottom-right of the screen.

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