You can access the eCommerce Settings under ECOMMERCE/Settings in the left-hand menu.


In the first tab you will find the following settings related to Products:

Product Slug

This slug helps define the URL for reaching Product Detail pages . It comes after your domain and is followed by the slugs of individual Products. The default is “siteglide-products” so that it doesn’t conflict with any page you have already set up, but we recommend you change it to something like "products".

Product Detail Page Template

In order to dynamically create a Detail Page for each of your Products, you need to set a Page Template.

Product Detail Layout

Select the folder which contains the wrapper.liquid and item.liquid files you would like to use as a template for the main content of the Product Detail pages.

Learn more about Product Detail Layouts

Default Currency

In the Default Currency tab, a dropdown will allow you to select one of our currently supported currencies. Currently, this will set the currency across all the Products on your site.

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